About Us

Newman Campdraft And Rodeo Association is a small club in the Pilbara of Western Australia approx 1200kms from the Capital of WA Perth.

We have approx 25 members, some who Rodeo, some who Campdraft and some who are supportive members who just love riding horses.

Ours is a small club that is entirely run by club members and volunteers.

We would not be able to hold our annual events if it wasn't for the generous sponsorship of local businesses and people from in and around Newman.

We as a club are committed to giving back to our local community by hosting clinics, campdrafts and rodeo's that cater to both our Youths and Adults.

About Rodeo and Campdraft

Tye Sturt at Newman Campdraft Rodeo

Rodeo has grown into a sport that has millions of spectators each year. Since 1880 in Victoria, they have run as an organized event.

In the earlier day’s cowboys from neighboring properties used to get together for bragging rights and a little pocket change. These rodeos were usually only seen by the cowboys themselves.

Nowadays though, a rodeo cowboy is no longer a station hand but instead a professional athlete. In fact some are from major cities and towns. Rodeo is regarded as an important piece of Australian history.

Campdrafting is the Australian sport involving a horse and a rider working cattle. The riding style is similar to western riding and related to events such as cutting, working cow horse, team penning and ranch sorting. Campdrafting in Australia originated around 1885 near QLD.

In this competition a rider, on their horse, must ‘cut out’ a beast from the mob of cattle in the yard or “camp” and block and turn that beast at least 2 or 3 times to show the judge they have that beast under control, then take it out of the yard ad through a course around pegs involving right and left hand turns in a figure 8, before guiding it through the “gate”. The outside course must be completed in less that 40 seconds. The sport requires consummate skill ad horsemanship, and the skill in selecting a beast from the mob that will run well, but not too fast for that particular horse.

Campdrafting categories are:

  • open
  • novice
  • Ladies
  • Encouragement
  • Junior